Enjoy Giving

Spend less time wrapping gifts and more time together as family.

GiftMate™ was intuitively designed so that you can spend less time wrapping gifts, more time finding the perfect gift, and more time with your family. GiftMate™ gift bags were created with sustainability in mind by allowing you to reuse each gift bag!

"OMG best thing ever - this has saved my life when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents!"

About GiftMate™

GiftMate™ is an innovative solution to gift wrapping problems. Manufactured by Misumaru, the company has over 60 years’ experience of producing high quality packaging. GiftMate™ offers a simple three step process that means:

  • NO Tape
  • NO Ribbon
  • NO Scissors

GiftMate™ Bags Come In All Sizes!

Wine Bag

Length x Width x Height

14.5'' x 7'' x 3''

Standard 75 cl bottles


Length x Width x Height

5'' x 8'' x 2. 4''

Jewelry & confectionery


Length x Width x Height

12.6'' x 9'' x 3.1''

Teddy bear & boxes


Length x Width x Height

17'' x 11.5'' x 4''

Soft toys or large gifts


Length x Width x Height

22.5'' x 16.5'' x 4''

Large gift & boxes